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Area - 4 666 sq. km
Population - 294 668
Average temperature - 11,5 C

Veliko Tarnovo district is a unique combination of rich cultural and historical heritage, beautiful nature and modern technologies. Its administrative center - Veliko Tarnovo - was the capital of the Medieval Bulgarian State. As a reminder of these glorious times now stays the Tsarevets Fortress and its majesty is further accentuated by the "Tsarevgrad Tarnov - Sound and Light" audio-visual spectacle, reproducing the history of Bulgaria.
Veliko Tarnovo district covers parts of the Danube Plain, the Northern Balkan and the Balkan Range itself. The Region's geographical location makes it a crossing point of highest-class transport lines, carrying national and international traffic. Several European road corridors pass through its territory. Veliko Tarnovo district is also a railway and power center. A privilege is that it uses the services of the international airport for cargo and passenger chartered flights in Gorna Oryahovitsa. Among the greatest advantages of Veliko Tarnovo district are the three higher education establishments and the many special secondary (high) schools, providing significant scientific potential and qualified manpower.