Mountain Lake | Tryavna, Bulgaria


Purchasing an apartment in Mountain Lake is much more than just acquiring a holiday home in the sunshine. Many of our owners view their new properties also as solid investment and indeed a source of additional income.
Mountain Lake Property Management will provide a refreshing and unique level of ongoing owner's support, featuring professional maintenance of the external water equipment (pools, etc), cleaning of the common parts: stairs, entrances, alleys, recreation facilities, parking lots, gardening of the green areas, 24h security, rental management, advertising etc.

Managing the property features :
1. Organizing the order in the area of the complex with interior regulations.
2. Guarding the property- permanent security and pass control.
3. Maintaining the external installations (electric fittings, water supply, drainage) and fixing eventual failures.
4. Maintaining the external water equipments (pools, etc.).
5. Cleaning of the common parts- stairs, entrance, pools, grass, alleys, recreation centers, parking lots.
6. Maintaining the green areas and the plants in the property.
7. Informing the clients in case of breakdown and fixing the failure in the apartments.
The price for the services is 6 euro/sq. m for year.
8. Option - Rental management.