Mountain Lake | Tryavna, Bulgaria

Bulgaria is located on the Balkan Peninsula surrounded by the Black Sea to the East, Romania to the North, Serbia and Montenegro and Macedonia to the West, and Greece and Turkey to the South. Its total area is 110,910 sq km, with 1,808 km of land boundaries, and 354 km of coastline. The terrain is comprised of mountains, with lowlands in the north and southeast. There is plenty to see in Bulgaria like the beautiful wooded mountain ranges, including the ski resorts “Borovets” in the Rila Mountain, “Pamporovo” in the Rhodopes and "Bansko" in the Pirin Mountain; the Black Sea coast and its modern resorts, and countless villages and monasteries all over the country. Bulgaria is rich in mineral wells and spas. Very little, if anything, is known outside the country of the healing effects of its baths. Bulgaria is blessed with more than 500 mineral water wells and sources, both hot and cold. Mineral water is usually drinkable and is therefore indispensable in the production of soft drinks.